Revealed Context

Human Analysis

Human analysis scaled through machine learning

The core of our development philosophy is to scale human intelligence through technologies in ways that were previously unachievable.

ConveyAPI is trained on human analysis of social conversations, which is critical for distilling meaningful insights. In our tests, ConveyAPI has been found to achieve 93% of human performance for sentiment annotation.

ConveyAPI also uses machine learning based on your assessment of which conversations are relevant to you. ConveyAPI allows you to build a custom model in minutes that matches the conversations you care about.

Furthermore, our scalable human coding services ensure that this repository of human-annotated data is ever-growing. This allows us to accommodate new languages, new annotations and shifting use cases.

Industry Standards

We use easy-to-integrate industry standards

ConveyAPI is available as a high performance REST web service. Using HTTP POST and GET commands, you simply send text to the API and receive annotated text in response. You consume the response as JSON.

There is a rich set of documentation that accompanies ConveyAPI, including sample programs in Java, Ruby, C#. We demonstrate how to build simple command line applications and web applications that stream content to the API in real-time.

ConveyAPI provides a dashboard to track usage, administer users, request keys, manage costs and request assistance. Log in anytime to view the status of your account. Take ConveyAPI for a test drive and let us know what you think. Contact us to request and account today and start leveraging the power of our text analytics tomorrow!